.::Perish In The Name Of Love::. The CD Soundtrack

.::Perish In Name Of Love::. The CD Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the hit TVB series "Perish In The Name Of Love" (Dai Lui Fa) is called "The New Princess Cheung Ping" (San Dai Lui Fa). On this page there will all the info & pictures about this wonderful album!

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CD Track Listing:

01. Dai Nui Fong Wan - The fragrant spirit of the emperor's daughter - Steven Ma & Charmaine Sheh
02. Chor Ying - Incorrect Recognition - Steven Ma
03. Bing Gui Wan - The return of the soldiers and carriages - Steven Ma
04. Man Man Man Ga Do Ho Hon - Ten thousand citizens and Ten thousand families are all great heroes - Steven Ma
05. Dai Nui Fong Wan (Instrumental)
06. Cho Ying (Instrumental)
07. Dai Nui Fong Wan (Instrumental but with Steven Ma's part)
08. Dai Nui Fong Wan (Instrumental but with Charmaine's part)

VCD Track Listing:

01. Dai Nui Fong Wan (Music Video)
02. Chor Ying (Music Video)
03. Bing Gui Wan (Music Video)
04. Man Man Man Ga Do Ho Hon (Music Video)


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"Perish In The Name Of Love" Main MTV
"Perish In The Name Of Love" Sub 1 MTV
"Perish In The Name Of Love" Sub 2 MTV
"Perish In The Name Of Love" Sub 3 MTV

Lyric Translations:

Thanks to Em for translating the songs from the CD! See her other lyrics translations here!

Perish in the Name of Love Main Theme - Steven Ma and Charmaine Sheh

Falling flowers cover a thousand miles and ten thousand places
Like the hundred flowers, with weeping eyes thanking the people
The crimson blood of the country is not yet dried, but a lavish banquet aids a good funeral
The blood of a painful heart leads a thousand depths, remembering the dreams of the last emperor were full of sorrow
The country is fallen, the family is dead, watching the water flowing faraway
Lives lost and curses of death litter the gateways and the poor alleyways

Sai Hin will forever be buried with Cheung Ping, turning the troubles of the country into hope
Only wishing that the great times will be better than the heavens
Beautiful images buried with no regrets forever that the excess love lingers

The light in the tears drowns the light of the moon in the cup
Two hearts know that their end is in the grapes and wine
The emperor's daughter is prepared to die together, borrowing a new grave as the wedding night room
Yet they look and yet they watch each other
The wind has taken them across the three rivers, bringing a hundred experiences and a thousand meetings
Tragedies striking for half of the lifetime, this pair of birds of a feather
The patterned candles reflect their boundless love

Thanking their country, Thanking the last emperor,
Giving their lives to repay the grace of a troubled time for the excess love that lingers

Perish in the Name of Love - Sub Theme 1 (Steven Ma)

A thousand wrongs, you make me so afraid when we meet
I ask about the tale of our past yet you will not respond
Stepping upon endless snow
And passing many deep autumns and freezing winters
But I cannot find peace as I painfully face the cold moon
And cry with no sound
But can you hear it with your heart
And allow us to reunite when we meet again
How can you bear for me to be alone with no-one around
So many reasons to tell, to listen to the words of the heart
If you have excess love then why do you bury it in the ultimate valley
So cruelly burying the love
The tearstains at the corners of my eyes are so deep
It makes me hard to recognise
Wrongly recognising so many thousands of excuses
You bear to not admit to me and let your heart relax
The pain of being apart is so deep and absolute
To reunite in the troubled world should be valuable
With the emotion flooding like a broken dam
To be honest I can face many a crisis
And I will cross fire and water without thinking about it
Remember all the love and see who that love was with
So many reasons, but I only wish you can tell me your heart's words
If you have excess love then why do you bury it in the ultimate valley
What will make you admit me, so cold and stubborn like ice
When you remember everything then please tell the truth
That you are my wife

Subs 2 & 3 translations coming soon!


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